Friday, March 25, 2011

"Im Scared Mommy"

 Some of you may know, we live near the Snake River Canyon in Idaho
I thought I would let Noah get out one day and go look because every time we go over the bridge he begs to look at it,
 he screams "mommy, I see the bridge?"
SO I thought being the good mommy that I thought I was, I would stop the car and let him go look.... 

 BUT, this is the closest we could get... 
the closer we got the louder he would scream "I scared Mommy" 
(luckily he kind of stood still and half smiled for a picture)
He wasn't having any part of this canyon!
So this is him making a run for it... I couldn't help but laugh!

I think we stayed there oh, maybe a total of 2 MINUTES!!!
I thought this boy was fearless!
Noah, you surprise me everyday!


  1. A little fear can actually be a good thing!

    Such fabulous pics!

  2. I'm with Noah! We often cross your bridge and can't do it fast enough for me. It's a long way down and I always am fearful too.

    Thanks for coming my way and being such a good mom. It's a great time of life!

  3. So cute! Isn't it funny the things that scare them? My boy is afraid of his own shadow, so we deal with this a lot.

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday - I was totally overwhelmed by all the love :)

  4. I found you through the “I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop!”

    I am a new follower on GFC. (Anja M.)

    Hope you will follow me back at This and That