Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Ultimate BLOG party!!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Welcome to Chasing Noah all my new friends from The Ultimate Blog Party 2011!!!

I should mention that I LOVE TO PARTY!!!!!

My name is Savannah,

 I am a momma to a beautiful two year old boy named Noah. 

He is my whole world.
He makes me laugh,
most of all he makes me LOVE
 and I am grateful that he has taught me the meaning behind "unconditional love" I think thats what I was lacking before he came along and changed my whole world.
I started this blog because I found my self lost in "mommyhood" and I felt like I was the only one going through
 sleepless nights,
brand new emotions,
constant trips to the doctor,
temper tantrums,
feeding issues,
allergies to MILK and peanuts and eggs,
and so on...
But I learned that I wasn't alone, 
I wasnt doing all this mommy thing by myself at all! 
I have come across some amazing women and have realized that there are
  moms out there JUST LIKE ME
and it captivated me, it made me feel better, it made my BLOG COME ALIVE and it has become my outlet.
So here I am  learning to soak in every moment I have with my baby,
 grasping every project,
 taking on every picture moment,
and living for here and now all because of this BLOG and of course NOAH!
So needless to say I am grateful!

 Be sure to Check THIS STUFF OUT while your here too:

I am sooooo excited for my second giveaway EVER on my blog HERE
I love to craft!! check out THIS post for a great toddler tie tee tutorial
I got THIS in the mail a few weeks ago and went NUTS!!
I love when Noah has fun things to keep him busy so we did THIS craft
On a more serious note, I am trying to raise awareness for THIS
And THIS post will make your heart melt

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you will FOLLOW me
and we can become
  "bloggy BFF's"
 I love to hear from other amazing women!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEW SPONSOR and A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!----CLOSED------

Today I am SUPER EXCITED to introduce you to my new sponsor!

These ladies over at Sadie James are pure awesome 
They are sisters and even better, they are TWINS!
 ( I always thought the twin thing is awesome! I don't know why!)

 I was on a quest to find a Easter tie for my little man and I came across this amazing little shop,
 they make patterns for little boy ties,

little girl skirts,

 color book and crayon totes

Hooded Towels
And so much more!

And the best part... THEY ARE SOOOO EASY!!!
These patterns are meant for beginners so anyone can do it!
I am all about EASY when it comes to sewing!

So I ordered my pattern (which they emailed super fast as an E-book!)
and went to work...
They give you step by step directions for these great little man ties 
 and believe me I NEED step by step directions as I am a beginner sewer! 
here are the ones I made:
Oh my heart just melts when little boys wear ties!

So, I contacted this girls over at Sadie James and they graciously wanted to do a
for my loyal fans!!! 
One lucky winner will get a FREE pattern of their choice from their shop!

Here's how to enter:
LEAVE A COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY letting me know you did these!
1. MANDATORY- become a follower of my blog
2.MANDATORY- Follow their blog here
2. Head over to their shop and tell me which pattern you'd like to WIN
3. "Like" Sadie James on FB 
 4. "like" chasing Noah on Facebook
5. FB, Blog, or tweet this giveaway
Im giving you lots of opportunity to win here everyone!!!

Don't you just want to eat him up?

Contest ends Wednesday March 6, 2011 at 10:00pm MST

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Lost and Found"

Most of my posts have been fun, sweet, funny and light hearted... 
Not today.... 
Today is more serious

Two years ago TODAY I lost a piece of my heart
and a piece of me DIED
I lost not only my friend but my BIG brother

Two years ago, My brother tragically died.
I say tragically because
He wasn't sick
We didn't know this was coming
He committed suicide.
I had a hard time with the reality of suicide for A LONG TIME
I had never come face to face with the reality of loosing someone close to me until that day.
Which I remember vividly.
I remember the call,
the words said
the pain
the hurt
the anger
the sadness
I couldn't fathom that he could leave us here like that,
That his decision would leave his two beautiful little girls with NO FATHER
That OUR MOM and DAD would have to deal with the pain of loosing a child 
That I wouldn't have him to talk to when I needed him
That his WIFE was now left to be a WIDOW.
How could this be?

TWO years have passed, and although the pain of loosing him still grips me and my family as if it were yesterday,
 we are going on with FAITH that he walks with our Maker,
 KNOWLEDGE that we will hold him again someday and that he is FREE from his PAIN
and with COURAGE to move forward holding up his legacy
His Legacy of his two beautiful baby girls:

We have worked on healing and remembering the good man he was, 
he was kind
 and sweet
and caring
and generous
and very funny
He was a proud Irish man :-)
and an amazing father
he would give the world to his two baby girls if he could
He would go out of his way to make someone happy


My goal with this post is to not only remember my brother on this day but to help prevent suicide,
if we could all just understand the warning signs
give a stranger a smile, a kind word, a helping hand
Let someone know that you love them and they are needed
for more information please visit:
Lets make a difference and help prevent just one person from feeling like there is no other way!

I love you for forever Thomas Hunter Ballard
July 29, 1983- March 28, 2009

(the only picture I have of him with my Noah)

"lost and found" by Greg Olson
I like to think this is Hunter with Christ

The Things We Find Inside>

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Im Scared Mommy"

 Some of you may know, we live near the Snake River Canyon in Idaho
I thought I would let Noah get out one day and go look because every time we go over the bridge he begs to look at it,
 he screams "mommy, I see the bridge?"
SO I thought being the good mommy that I thought I was, I would stop the car and let him go look.... 

 BUT, this is the closest we could get... 
the closer we got the louder he would scream "I scared Mommy" 
(luckily he kind of stood still and half smiled for a picture)
He wasn't having any part of this canyon!
So this is him making a run for it... I couldn't help but laugh!

I think we stayed there oh, maybe a total of 2 MINUTES!!!
I thought this boy was fearless!
Noah, you surprise me everyday!

"N" is for Noah

In an effort to keep my Noah busy we've found some great indoor crafts for him to do and we wanted to share this one for sure!

We used foam core board and cut out a "N" for Noah

We then got out our fabric scraps, buttons, glitter, stars, glue, stickers, etc and went to town!

and we glued and glued and glued....

Noah glued his fabric scraps everywhere and I trimmed the edges as we went...

 ....almost there...

And thats it!
And in Noah's words "perfect,mommy"

Here is another one that we did:

(even the big boys got involved)

Weekend Bloggy Reading

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Better LATE than NEVER...

I know this is a little late (these were taken on St.Patty's Day)
 but, he melts my heart, 
This two year baby boy
 (who will always be considered my "baby" even though he is a toddler now)
makes me smile even in the worst of situations
He makes my heart melt 
He makes me happy
He makes me feel like I never have
He makes me greatful
for life
for small things
for innocence
and for other things such as
holding him at night
 his new choice of words like "poop"
the many times i've watched Wubzy
and Little Bear
and Dora
and for jumping on the bed
and chasing him around the house and dressing him while he fights like an octopus
and for the many shots it took to take this picture:

I am truly blessed 
and I am reminded everyday especially when I see this pure, beautiful toddler face!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I Just read this book:
in just 3 days!!!!
I am officially in LOVE with her.
 This book is an autobiography about her and when she met her "cowboy" and their LOVE story.
 I have to say that, I am a sucker for LOVE STORIES!
This is the kind of book that you read and are totally completely enthralled in it, I felt like I was almost there with her as she explains her romance with "Marlboro Man"

This is Ree Drummond:

She is also an amazing cook

and a homeschooling mama

And is married to this cowboy hunk

and she even has a cookbook out

I am praying for a part two of her book now!!!!

Check out her website/blog here
 and Im sure you will be in LOVE too!

Family Sign tutorial

I have been wanting one of these signs in my house for a while, I have seen a few other blogs that have used stamps and paints and even stencils but I just got my new baby (my silhouette machine) and thought "HELLO, USE VINYL!!!!!!"

Here's how its done:

You will need:
 an empty picture frame, hot glue gun, a pair pliers, vinyl and silhouette of course

First, you will need to take your pliers and pull out all the tabs from around the frame

Next,hot glue the glass into the frame

Then apply your vinyl lettering

SIMPLE AS THAT!!! Dont you love it!!!

Im still learning how to correctly cut vinyl and stuff, but if you need some let me know!!!!

Serenity Now Crafty Cutter Party