Monday, March 21, 2011

Family Sign tutorial

I have been wanting one of these signs in my house for a while, I have seen a few other blogs that have used stamps and paints and even stencils but I just got my new baby (my silhouette machine) and thought "HELLO, USE VINYL!!!!!!"

Here's how its done:

You will need:
 an empty picture frame, hot glue gun, a pair pliers, vinyl and silhouette of course

First, you will need to take your pliers and pull out all the tabs from around the frame

Next,hot glue the glass into the frame

Then apply your vinyl lettering

SIMPLE AS THAT!!! Dont you love it!!!

Im still learning how to correctly cut vinyl and stuff, but if you need some let me know!!!!

Serenity Now Crafty Cutter Party


  1. What a clever idea!

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  2. Super cute! Thanks for the tips :)

  3. Savannah, that turned out so cute! I sometimes have trouble getting my vinyl to load correctly on the first try, but I'm working on it! I have some black vinyl too--want to try something for my front door. :)

    Thanks for joining my Crafty Cutter party. Hope you found some fun crafty inspiration. Come visit me at Serenity Now again soon! :)