Thursday, March 3, 2011

I have a confession to make....

Its 11:30 at my house and all should be quiet, the boy should be tucked in his sweet little bed and I should be doing laundry and dishes. The lights should be out and the fire burning and the house oh so warm...
 BUT NOPE, not at this house....

Yep, ALL the lights are on, the TV's are on, and the 2 year old boy is still running around the house in a diaper, dishes aren't done, and neither is the laundry....
WE ARE STILL VERY MUCH AWAKE, In fact its rare that Noah is asleep before midnight!
 Noah doesn't have a BED TIME and never has, in fact he doesn't even sleep in his bed AT ALL, he sleeps with his momma!
So here is our house at close to midnight, almost nightly...

and tonight we even had an art session on our hands...

So there ya go!
Call me a crazy mom, a bad mom, a careless mom.... I DONT CARE, I wouldn't change these moments for the world!!!


  1. you are too does he at least sleep in?

  2. yes! he sleeps until 10:30 most mornings!!!

  3. He must be an Italian boy at heart. They all live on schedules like that! :-)
    Found you through SITS.

  4. Sounds just how my house was with my first one. I actually don't think there were any real bedtimes until the oldest was about to start school, then you have to start that. We weren't big on schedules either. Just be consistent when you do decide to start a schedule.
    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. Wondering what time you get up in the morning. I confess, this does sound crazy to me.

  6. Cute pics!

    I wouldn't have the patience, my kids have to go to bed by 8 because I need quiet time...but I think each person has gotta do what they gotta do.

  7. I get up early around 7:30 or 8.... Thats when I get all my work done and of course during nap time!!

  8. Aw, I think the flowers are cute. He's such a cute little boy! Hope y'all have a lot of fun, but that you don't wear each other out too much!

  9. Wow, he sleeps til 10:30?!? I would love that. :) But I need my wind down time at night. That is one cute boy you have on your hands! Thanks for stopping by my blog!