Sunday, May 15, 2011

Remember when?

I just found this video I made a few years ago...
and it made me want to cry!
Do you Remember when your baby did this?
Do you remember when they started babbling?
Do you remember their first steps?
Do you remember the exact moment they said their first word?
We'll I cant, and I know why...
I was too busy saying "I cant wait for you to WALK"
"I cant wait for you to TALK"
"I cant wait for you to ENTERTAIN YOUR SELF"
"I cant wait for you to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT"
and NOW I regret doing it the way I did
I regret not watching him sleep for hours on end, I should have laid there and watched him instead of cleaning the house
I should of held him longer instead of putting him in his bouncy because now he is "too busy" to let me hold him.
It wasnt until he was older I realized I should have held on tight to the moment.
I wish that I would have known that this will go by SO FAST and I cant get any of it back.

My new goal:
Cherish the new MOMENTS we have 
let him play and be a BOY without worrying how dirty he gets
Hold him longer (when he lets me)
Play toys on the floor with him for as long as he needs
read him book after book after book without worrying about the dishes
stop staying "I cant wait"

is anyone with me?


  1. Awww what a sweet video, and a good reminder! It goes even quicker the more children that you have, and I still find myself waiting for the next step and wanting things clean and all those things that you mentioned. Good reminder to just slow down and enjoy them! Thanks for posting.

  2. So sweet! And I'm so with you! The "letting him be a boy" part is so hard for me - I'm always saying, "Oh, don't dig in the dirt" and "Why do you want to use your yogurt as fingerpaint." But I need to embrace those things and enjoy him! Thanks for the reminder.