Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just one of them days...

Today has been just one of them days,
you know where your house is a mess
your toddler is sick and VERY cranky
you don't feel like cooking
laundry is everywhere
and all you can find that will make it better is this....
That's right, cherry chocolate Schwan's ice cream with my mom's homemade hot fudge sauce!
This stuff will fix any bad day!
now if only it were to do my laundry!!!!


  1. Yay for ice cream! I understand completely!

  2. i kinda need some of that right now. send it on over will ya? ;)

  3. So as you know I love your blog miss! You are an inspiration to me and I like to think we would be great friends if we lived close by. Also I have to tell you you look gorgeous in that picture of you with the flower giveaway just so you know.

    And also I just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blog award. Congratulations! To accept just go and check out what you have to do here

    make sure to have a look around while you are here and dont hesitate to say hi