Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Childhood dream lived through Noah...

Ever since I was little I dreamed of living in the country and I dreamed of everything it entailed, like feeding animals on a farm
 riding on tire swings
 riding on a tractor
 you know the whole "country" Life style?
Well, we have moved to the country and I couldn't be more pleased to watch my son do all of those things
 I never got to do

My heart melted when I walked outside and saw this... it was something just as simple as watching my son on a tire swing!
Okay, so its not a tractor but its close enough,
 Here's Noah helping grandpa plow the garden

And my Noah feeding the chickens,
He also gets to feed Llamas
cows and horses!!
I have to say he is A VERY LUCKY BOY!

I absolutely LOVE that he gets to raised in the simplicity of "farm life"
This is how it should be!


  1. OH HOW FUN!!
    {btw, what kind of camera do ya use? the pictures are stunning}

  2. I LOVE the last photo -- visiting from the SITS blog party. Hope to see you over at my blog sometime ;)

  3. That is wonderful that every day he can experience some of this!

  4. Those are great pictures! I bet Noah will love all the things he gets to do in the country! Enjoy the simple life :)