Thursday, April 7, 2011

Letting go....

SITS is an amazing blogging community of women just like me... and they just launched a new blogging series where we take a stand and say THIS IS ME, I am a Real woman and I am Vulnerable and I am completely okay with that!!!
SO here I am joining in because I think its time I let go... 

If my dishes sit in the sink for days and pile high, its okay because I am NOT Perfect
If Noah plays in his diaper until noon that is okay because I am NOT perfect
If my bed never gets made thats okay because I am NOT perfect.
 Today I am setting a new goal, to let go...
to let go of the imperfections
to let go of the worry of what people will think of me if my dishes are piled HIGH
to let go of that "perfect" vision and realize we can have a different version of perfection

Join in with us at SITS and lets be REAL and let's let go together!!!
What will you let go?


  1. Good for you!!! Being perfect is overrated anyway! Enjoy being able to let go of it :)

  2. Love it, who wants to be perfect? Boring!

  3. My sink looks just like that (but worse).

  4. I'd be scared to post a pic of my sink this week!

    Perfect is boring anyway.

  5. my sink has a few dishes but normally it looks as bad or worse.. i have learned along time ago to let go of perfection and just concentrate on doing good by my kids. i love your blog theme its so cute im your newest follower from the ubp2011. thank you for coming by my blog and checcking me out.
    punk rock momma

  6. Great post! I signed up for SITS but haven't been very active; one of my goals is to spend more time with the ladies there. It seems like a great group.

  7. Being perfect isn't only boring, but life passes by on an air mattress in a pool drinking a cocktail. People who try to be perfect spend their whole life's with it and forget to really live. Let go :)

  8. Amen to that! I need to do the same...

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog on my SITS day!

  9. YEAH! the kids wont remember the dishes in the sink when they grow up, but they will remember the time we spend playing with them

  10. Savannah! Your blog is so sweet and beautiful! Love the thoughts on letting's one of the best things I have ever learned. Your mom is a real support to amazing yet not bent on perfection. I just love you ladies :) Keep up the inspiring thoughts!