Monday, February 7, 2011

This is Love....

So I just had to share my NEW necklace with you all by Amanda Lynne designs! So I originally saw this necklace on Little Miss Momma (who I just adore!) and the way she described her necklace totally brought me back to when Nate and I were dating... When I saw this necklace it was like instant LOVE
 It has N + S carved in what looks like a tree!!!!
It was like when we were dating, we never carved our names in a tree, but it totally brought me back to that new, young LOVE type of stuff and I sure miss that! You know that butterfly feeling in your stomach? That "oh my gosh, he loves me" kind of thing? This totally brought me back to that place.
 I know, I know  you might say "its just a necklace" but not to me!
 It's not just a necklace, it's a memory, it's a feeling, it's pure bliss
You see Nate is still in California, (We came without him and hopefully he'll be here soon!)
and every moment were apart my heart literally aches, I miss him next me more than words can say 
so, this necklace makes me feel that much closer to him! 
So thank you to Ashley over at Little Miss Momma and Amanda over at Amanda Lynne Designs for making our time apart just a little more tolerable
 Go on over and check out amandalynnedesigns, all her stuff is hand stamped and just PERFECT if you ask me!
Here are a few more things of hers that I just LOVE!!!

Isnt it all just so cute?!!


  1. Beautiful! :) Hope you and your lovey are reunited very soon. :)

  2. That is really cool! I hope Nate comes soon!