Monday, February 14, 2011

A letter to my TWO Valentines

Dear Nathan and Noah,
This letter is let you know how much I love you, of course right, because its VALENTINES DAY!
It all started on this day, when we became "FOREVER friends and FOREVER lovers"
We became an eternal family. A bond that can never be broken was formed on this day.
We have fought and beat the odds numerous times, and will continue to fight because we are 
I cant imagine being with someone else, I cant imagine fighting this fight with any other man, I cant imagine raising my son without a more perfect daddy. 
I cant imagine my life WITHOUT YOU!
You have completed me in ways I cant describe.
So with that, lets take a look at our journey...

This was one of our first dates 

This was our first trip to Santa Cruz Beach boardwalk on the ferris wheel 
" I wanna ride for a LONG time, you understand?"
One of our favorite things to do!

On our way to Idaho to visit my family


This is what we called our "first wedding" you remember when I said we have beat the odds? They all said we would never make it....  But this day turned into this day...
And we defied the odds TOGETHER.
Then a few years later we met this little piece of heaven

And we beat the odds again... they said we would never have babies together! Looking at him made us realize that God gave us a real life MIRACLE!
And here we are today, in even more LOVE than the day we met, stronger than we ever thought we would be, and even more determined to make a life for our selves.
  for sure we have been through our "ups" and "downs" and obstacles and even some heatbreak along the way, but I would have it NO other way. So with NO REGRETS, and alot of faith, we carry on with LOVE and hope for many more Valentine's days togeter!
So heres to you, Nathan and Noah, for being the best VALENTINE'S presents ever, and even though its our first Valentine's ever apart, I love you more than I ever have NATHAN! 


  1. omggggg this isss sooooo cute.. I love it.. sooo adorable.. AWwwwwn,,, happy valentines dayyy sav!.. <3

    sucha perfect family!.. may God always keep u guys happy and together forever!.. :) xx

  2. Babe, Honey, Sweetheart, chicken woddle,

    I dont think i could have said it any better. I am speachless (doesn't happen often). SEEING our journey the way you laid it out makes me understand why i bought you when i saw you in china for the first time...

    No for real I LOVE you savannah more than i have EVER LOVED another person. And Noah is the best thing that happened to me. I CAN'T wait to grow old with you guys on a porch SWING on the deck of an OLD COUNTRY house over-looking a lake. "or an apartment on the 3rd story balcony over-looking trashcans" either way i will be there for you guys F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Happy valentines day baby. I will always be in-love with you.