Friday, January 21, 2011


 Thats right ladies and gentleman, were making a HUGE move!
After much thought, contemplation, prayer, and with hope we've decided to make this tiny little podunk, country town our new HOME! And, we couldn't be more excited!
Thats right, this ZERO stoplight, no big grocery store, no gas station town will be our destination!
 This is the Eagles Nest cafe, the only place to eat in town! But if you ever drive through, its definitely the place to EAT! Its the most amazing HOME cooked food you'll ever have (well next to my mom and dad's cooking of course!)
 This is the town store its called the Shaw Merc, Can you believe they still open a "tab" for people to put groceries on? Only in Idaho!
This is the town playground(which is right across from our new house) I think we may find Noah here all the time!
This is the school! Its Pre-K to 12th grade!!! can you believe that? I graduated from a class of over 400 people, the graduating classes here range from 10-20 students!!!!

WHy? some of you are asking are we making this our home? We'll I plan to answer that question in some future posts...
LETS just begin with, its SAFE here, my FAMILY is here, and Noah will have room to ROAM here... 
We are making some big life changing decisions and hope that things will go well, although we are closing one chapter in our lives we are not going with intent to forget our pasts or people we love here. We will deeply miss our family here in CAlifornia!
Its a big stretch to go from the big sacramento CITY to tiny little Idaho!
But I have no doubt that this is where we need to be!
All prayers are welcomed as we make this big move into our new future!

P.S. Hang in there with me as we make this move, as I may go a few days with NO INTERNET to put up some posts, Thank you to all my loyal readers! I love you all!!!


  1. Holy cow!!! That is awesome. What will Nate be doing for work? Did you find a job? Details Cousin I need details ;)

  2. Brandon is already trying to get me to build you a house right next to ours.

  3. Oh wow, this is going to be a big change for you! I think having a playground right across the street will be wonderful. And nothing can beat raising kids in an area where you do not have to worry too much about their safety.

    Thanks for visiting me on my SITS day! Sorry it took me so long to get over here!