Monday, March 14, 2011

The things no one ever told me

No one ever told me that when I was sick I still would have to take care of a toddler who is sick and throwing up as well. 
No one ever told me I would be up at 3am washing sheets because they are covered with regurgitated chocolate milk
No ever told me that Momma's dont get breaks and momma's dont get time to be sick
No one ever told me that I would be standing in my kitchen with my toddler in arms with puke running down my leg.
No one ever talks about these things!
I wonder why?
Well I want to talk about it!!!! I want to talk about the many sleepless nights, I want to talk about the toddlers that wont sleep in their own bed, I want to talk about the book shelf that is emptied out all over the floor daily, I want to talk about waking up at 2 am and finding your baby still watching cartoons, I want to talk about the terrible eating habits...
I want to talk about why after all these things, do we as mothers find it to be the most gratifying work we've ever done?
And why we love our  babies with an over powering, unconditional love, and why I wouldn't change this for the world (except maybe the puke running down my leg)

From our sick house, to yours!!
(Notice the puke bucket!!!)
What were some things no one ever told you?

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  1. This is what being a mama is all about baby :)

  2. Thanks so much for joining us for Give It To Me Monday =) I am following you back! Very cute blog!

  3. So true! I guess it's like they say: you don't appreciate the good things in life without the bad. Only times ten!

  4. I hope you all feel better soon! I remember one year all 3 of us kids were on a Grayhound bus to Washington State when my Grandmother died and we ALL had the stomach flu and then my Mom got it. I remember hearing her puking in the bathroom of the Bus while we twisted and turned around the mountains of Montana. I never felt so bad for her ever in my life!

  5. We never told you, because you wouldn't have believed it. It' something that life teaches you by experiencing it. We love you and hope you both get feeling better soon. Dad & Mom

  6. I hear ya, no one ever told me that either but I'm glad that my teen daughters see me still going through it and they say huhh no way that is for the birds I want no part of that!!! I lol and say one day you will and don't say I didn't tell ya so....
    I hope you both feel better soon :|

  7. Oh, yeah. This is so true. I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  8. So true :)
    New follower here!

  9. It is horrible when we are sick at the same time. I feel for you! It is the gooey icky bodily fluids that make it even worse.

  10. Yuck, well you will keep getting those lessons as you live your life. Just wait until you are pregnant and you have to deal with puke and dirty diapers at the same time you are sick for all those months. I once threw up into a dirty diaper while changing it - TMI, I know, but no one ever warned me about it! Hang in ther!